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So I must admit, my first thought upon seeing this ad from Antwerp Agency Duval Guillaume was “Why would I want to wipe my ass with something rope-like?” But then I realized I’m thinking too much like an American. In other countries, the softness of toilet paper isn’t really a selling point. However its strength is. […]

Clean coal?


So I’m all for ripping the coal industry. Their “Clean Coal” campaign is about as oxymoronic as Bush’s “Health Forest Initiative” a while back that basically clear cut everything in sight. And they deserve whatever they get. I just wished the Coal Industry would have gotten more than this effort from the Coen Brothers. I […]

Crispin Porter + Bogusky just broke its first new work since winning the Old Navy account. And in the vein of the great work they’ve done for Mini, Burger King and Microsoft they created… a catalog? And kind of a creepy one at that. Using a fake magazine full of “supermodelquines” to show off the […]

As much as I hate to say it, the ad world today is beginning to look a lot like 2001, when it seemed like you couldn’t go two days without hearing about some friend or another being laid off. But I’ve said to a lot of people that even though the layoffs are nearly as […]

When you give a creative team MAC’s Hello Kitty makeup collection, several million bucks for production, and enough LSD to kill a horse, you end up with a future fashion Alice in Wonderland, lots of pink, some liquid latex and really weird S&M. It gets even weirder around the 2:00 mark. Enjoy. Courtesy of

Poor Sony.


Three years ago Sony hit on advertising gold with “Balls” for their Bravia line of TVs. It was a stunning, beautiful, whimsical, original way to showcase their high-end line. It won seemingly every award on the planet that year and whenever a bunch of creatives get together to concept a TV spot, someone inevitably says […]

There are a million great reasons to adopt. (I should know – my wife and I adopted our daughter from Ethiopia last September.) But telling people to adopt because adopted kids are better than Hitler or Mike Tyson gets this year’s What The Fuck? Award. I mean seriously, did the creatives at Ogilvy & Mather, […]

This will be a short post because sometimes there’s just no need for copy. And my point is proven courtesy of JWT in Chile. This one is so good, with a message that’s so clearly and cleverly communicated, it works no matter what country you’re from.

  This isn’t technically contextual advertising gone bad, but it’s worth some ridicule. So we’ve got a news story about an armed robber who gets cornered, pulls a gun on cops, and is shot to death. On the right we have some really close-up shots of him pointing the gun and another one of his bullet-riddled […]

This from-the-archives post ran before the election, but it’s a good one. When you’re doing a low-budget PSA, you not only need a great idea – you need a great idea you can afford to produce. So instead of doing some basic, boring all-type spot with art direction we’ve seen a thousand times before, Scholz […]


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