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If you haven’t already been reading all the pissed off editorials about how the current advertising award season is just a big masturbatory wankfest that means even less because of the current state of the world, you don’t have to look far. Even Jeff Goodby called the industry a bunch of “irrelevant award chasers”. But […]

I don’t throw around the term “douchebag” lightly. But if there was ever a time to use it, it’s after seeing this Taco Bell commercial/music video called “All About the Roosevelts.” I’m not sure why Taco Bell thinks that making a dumb-ass song sung by some rich suburban douchebags pretending to be hip-hoppers makes me […]

While some unimaginative dinosaurs continue to miss the potential of social media like Facebook and Twitter, other more forward-thinking agencies are coupling their creativity with technology to show us all the vast potential. Check out Razorfish’s short, 30-slide presentation they gave a while back. It’s a great eye opener – specifically to the power of […]

Yes, every single person on the planet is posting about it on Facebook. Yes, Twitter crashed due to the traffic. Yes, it’ll headline the news for several days. But I still had to post about Michael Jackson. He didn’t do a ton of commercials, but here’s one from back in the day. Six degrees side […]

I’m not saying there’s anything inherently or purposely racist about these ads from DDB Brazil for Zoo Safari. They’re actually pretty cool. The visuals are different and arresting. The idea give you the impression you’ll be front-and-center with the animals. And it just makes the entire experience seem like fun. But didn’t anyone think to […]

A Nike Debacle.


Leave it to Nike to connect with skateboarders with a pitch-perfect tone and some bad-ass video. Debacle, the 24-minute short film featuring some of the coolest skate tricks you’ve seen in a while, walks that fine line between commercial shill and underground skate vid. I haven’t had time to watch the whole thing, but in […]

Selling hope.


People will go to the mall and drop hundreds of dollars on clothes they don’t need, but try and get them to donate to a cause and it can be like pulling teeth. So how do you get people to think about donating in a different way? Well, you re-imagine donating as a product and […]

When somebody finds the concept, let me know. Combine horrendous creative like this with this article showing Crispin’s work for BK isn’t really moving the needle and I’ll take a BK Super Seven Incher with a side of account in review. (And yes, I realize Crispin didn’t do this ad. It ran in Singapore.)

Can this be real? A trailer for the movie Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. I mean, there’s no way possib… is that Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas?!? Holy crap! This is insane. It’s got to be some kind of… did that shark just snatch a 747 out of the friggin’ sky?!? Until I’m sitting in […]

Maybe I’m just sensitive after that whole Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus thing, but the news that Pizza Hut is now going by the name of “The Hut” just strikes me as a bad joke. Or maybe a news story from the Onion. Even better – they’re only going to do it occasionally (to presumably […]


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