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Well, sorta. Using some nicely done digital trickery, they’ve been assembled to create this spot for RockBand – the Beatles edition. I’m a little torn on this gimmick, because I’ve seen it done so many times before – starting with Forrest Gump about 15 years ago. And I’ve seen it done better – this Michael […]

Not to be outdone by The Beatles edition of RockBand, Guitar Hero 5 has announced that you’ll soon be able to fake guitar jam as none other than the successfully suicidal king of grunge. Why do I not see this ending well? It’s one thing to use real footage of John Lennon and bring him […]

Sorry, these milk ads from South Africa don’t make me want to drink milk. They just creep me out. A chicken that suddenly grows teeth? A naked turtle? A sea gull that, well, you can watch for yourselves. If I’m trying to get across benefits of a product, I’m not going to do it with […]

If you’re a 12-16 year-old teen age girl and you get arrested, I’ve got the perfect lawyer 4 U. AAR8 it’s btr than ADIH. But ATAB. I’m ROFL. TTYL. (And if you know what all that means, you need serious help.) Via.

I’ve seen a lot of websites. And I’ve seen a lot of BAD websites. But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never seen anything like this posting of the 20 worst-designed websites in the world. I mean, I’m almost at a loss for words at the complete lack of taste, design, functionality, information architecture and […]

Talk about the perfect promotion – the horror flick Saw VI is sponsoring a Halloween blood drive and encouraging movie goers to “give ’til it hurts” with this eye-catching poster. It’s a great photograph and one that’s sure to stop you in your tracks (although I can’t say it’s the most practical Halloween costume in […]

Jelly Helm came across this rather interesting – and labor-intensive – method of advertising while in Buenos Aires. At an intersection, three guys holding signs would walk out into the crosswalk and display them to the drivers waiting at the light. I guess whatever works, right? They’ve certainly got a captive audience. I can see […]

Here’s an interesting story someone sent me regarding inner city schools that are creating ad campaigns and street teams to help woo back local residents who are sending their kids to other schools. It’s nice to see them working hard to sell the benefits they have to offer, but I think this is one of […]

For the love of Wieden, what are they teaching kids in ad school these days? Please, whatever it is, just no more of this. This is so terrible on so many levels, I really feel bad for the kid. There’s not an agency around who will see this and ever hire him. Look, you don’t […]

I’ve always been suspicious of ad people who don’t seem to have an interest in advertising outside of work. I’m not saying they have to be obsessed with it, but in general, the people I know who are really great at advertising are the same people who really have a love of it. Some of […]


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