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Ok, this made my day. When you walk around your neighborhood and see telephone polls with handwritten ads for roommates wanted or a lost cat – do you ever really stop to think that it’s advertising? I mean, of course it is, but do you wonder why the same amount of thought and design that […]

You remember DoubleTwist – they’re the company that first pissed Apple off by creating software that allows you to use your iTunes music on any device. (A big Apple no-no.) Then they tweaked them even further by buying ad space for the product on the side of the Apple Store in San Francisco. Apple had […]

5 second sex.


You know when you go to the beach, accidentally bump into someone, and then 5 seconds later you’re having sex? I hate when that happens, because I never have a condom handy. However if these 5 second AIDS awareness ads have anything to say about it, we’ll all remember in the future. (They’re semi-NSFW.) Actually, […]

How do you categorize these? New media? I’d complain that the tackiness level is off the charts, but then I remembered this is advertising we’re talking about. There is no ceiling for tacky. Via.

Here’s as crazy a product display as you’ll see. The Puma Store in London assembled this amazing Ferrari F-1 car using 1,500 t-shirts, 88 pairs of jeans, 20 belts and 26 pairs of shoes and baseball caps. Whoever designed this is a stud. Via.



No, it’s not what you think it means. It’s the unfortunate former logo of the Wisconsin Tourism Federation. Apparently they got tired of all the 4th grade snickering and decided to flop a few letters around. Now they’re the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin, which hardly rolls off the tongue. The Wisconsin Tourism Council? The Wisconsin […]

If you’ve worked in advertising for any length of time, you have some great stories about clients killing or maiming your work. Some clients are just afraid – they’d rather keep with the status quo and protect their jobs instead of going out on a limb. Other clients simply don’t get it. And a few […]

Well, I guess this is one way to get customers. Do I have to submit a mouth resume? My dental records? Via.

To us old fogies, the faux- titillating and trying-too-hard American Apparel ads just make me want to turn the page. I mean sure, sex sells, but when a brand bludgeons you to death with skin it gets tired fast. (See: Abercrombie & Fitch.) However, these ads aren’t for me. They’re aimed at teens and early […]

Ok, let’s have 8:00 minutes of Friday ad dork fun. Click here for the game and see how many logos you can identify. Some are easy. Some are much harder. I got 25 out of the 36. When you’re done with that one, you can always try the mascot quiz that I posted a while […]


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