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From the “Too Good To Be True” files: American Apparel is holding a contest to find the best ass in the world. Yes, you read that right. Now check out the site and prepare to be amazed. Somehow, the creatives on AP sold the client on a way for hot chicks with even hotter backsides […]

Too many jokes.


The model for and extreme right wing nut job congresswoman Michelle Bachmann – separated at birth? Man, with the copy on this banner ad and the history of Ms. Bachmann, there are just too many jokes.

Wow technology.


I usually don’t get too wowed by gimmicky web technology. Mostly it’s either too much trouble to deal with, doesn’t work right, or isn’t really all that cool. I also hate it when people instantly make it out to be the best thing since sliced bread, even though it really doesn’t do anything. (Fouresquare to […]

For a while now, The Denver Egoist has not only been the main voice of the Denver ad community, they’ve been one of my favorite spots to visit for great creative, insightful and entertaining commentary, and a mix of stuff you don’t see elsewhere. Those cats run a nice operation out there. So nice in […]



“Suck it, iPad.” Via.

Get. Over. It.


Do you freak out when someone calls it a pad of paper or a bachelor pad? Do you snicker into your hand when you lay a baby on a diaper pad or sit on a mattress pad? Of course not. Then Get. Over. The Name. Yes, feminine hygiene products are called “pads.” So are 500 […]

If you’re not familiar with Rethink, you should be. They are a truly kick-ass agency in Vancouver, Canada that do some really amazing work. If you have a free three hours, it’ll take you that long to see all the cool stuff on their site. One of the great things they do is a Rethink […]

I love this new BBC commercial for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The animation style is awesome. The story line is interesting. And the score and sound effects are top notch. But what I love most about it? There’s none of the trite, overdone “human interest” crap that NBC shoves down your throat every […]

He actually thinks that the advertising for the new iPad/iTablet/iMoneymaker that’s being announced today by Apple was “inspired” by some crappy AOL (excuuuuse me… Aol) shit from a while back. Just read this and be prepared to laugh.

No, not copywriting. Handwriting. And not just any decent handwriting, but a handwriting typeface that actually looks real. Suomi Hand Script by Tomi Haaparanta. You can get it here. One request: If you’re a DM shop, don’t overuse the Hell out of this. I can see it happening already. Via.


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