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Just did it.


You knew these were coming: the Tiger Woods “Just Did It.” shoes. These custom hi-tops from YaoKustoms have it all – Tiger with his crashed SUV, Elin with the 9 iron, and portraits of just a few of the 19 women claiming to have slept with the Nike franchise himself. Via.

This Kotex spot is a bit too self-conscious for my taste. It mocks tampon commercials for their superficiality… but then doesn’t give a single real reason for a woman to buy them over another brand. It’s all attitude and nothing else. That said, it’s light years better than the stereotypical crap you usually see. And […]

There’s a reason you don’t do a live Tv newscast about Chatroulette. If you’ve been on Chatroulette for more than 2 seconds, you know what’s coming. (No pun intended.)

NewEgg’s recommendation for Mother’s Day isn’t exactly something for mom’s “home.” Awkward… Via.

Presented without comment.

When you just had an oil platform explode, killing people and leaking oil into the ocean… maybe, just maybe, you’d want to suspend your online campaign. I’m just saying…

I can’t really accuse GSN of ripping off the art direction from the Yahoo campaign because that would assume that 1) the Yahoo campaign actually has art direction and 2) that anyone would want to rip off such a soul-crushingly bad concept in the first place. (And for the record, yes, I know the guys […]

Have you seen the Olive Garden spots where they talk about the great dishes they create at the Olive Garden Culinary Institute of Tuscany? Admit it, you laugh a little and think “bullshit.” It’s like when Certs made up “Retsyn” to try and differentiate their breath mints from all the others. But here’s the rub […]

Seriously? Apparently it’s working – ticket sales are up 5% this year. (Although with the economy hitting rock bottom at this time last year, you’d be hard pressed not to improve.) But personally, the douchebag in this outdoor board makes me want to stay as far away from this race as humanly possible. And the […]

Need to store a single digital camera picture? Have I got a long copy ad for you… Via.


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