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Creative 1: “I can’t believe he bought the joke concept we presented. Creative 2: “That’s the LAST FUCKING TIME we do that! Via.

Thank God.


From, the douchebaggiest mini-trend of recent memory, Bros Icing Bros, is dead. “[Smirnoff Ice parent] Diageo has taken measures to stop this misuse of its Smirnoff Ice brand and marks, and to make it clear that ‘icing’ does not comply with our marketing code, and was not created or promoted by Diageo, Smirnoff Ice, […]

British agency Kindred launched this spot for the British Association of Dermatologists to raise awareness of skin cancer. But I only knew that because I read the press release. Otherwise, it’s 25 seconds of a weird, rambling voice over and shots of a hot chick in her underwear coupled with other shots of her looking […]

*Time waster alert!* This will sound lame, but I guarantee you you’ll be hooked once you try it. It’s DotWar – a battle game based on your Twitter picture. The game breaks down your picture and another follower’s picture into pixels and assigns those pixels different battle characteristics like Speed, Stamina, Attack and Range. Then […]

Every year when I write a check for my McSweeney’s subscription, my wife rolls her eyes and says “Why do you waste your money on that stuff?” This is why. I laughed so hard I cried. (And yes, I know this is free. But the paid writing is even better.)

Slowly but surely, publishers are coming around to the beauty of HTML5. Will it kill Flash? Maybe eventually, but not for a long time. Will it become the defacto standard for user experiences like this? Absolutely. I can’t wait for more ad people to start using this on client websites. Via.

Or at least thousands. Mark Skwarek is working on an augmented reality app that lets you see any BP logo as a giant spouting oil leak. Via.

Sell outs.


What do you do when you can’t sell records anymore as an artist? The San Francisco Egotist has the answer – you sell out to the highest foreign bidder. Check out this post and this post – both of which feature washed up singers recycling yesterday’s hits in foreign countries for big bucks. The other […]

An astute reader sent us this new campaign from JWT Singapore – the same agency that was busted last year for the Coopers Beer scam ads. We don’t know for sure they’re scam, but as the reader pointed out, they’re not from New Balance’s agency. They’re for a small online sporting goods store – you […]

Whoops. At least it’s boatloads of fun! Via.


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