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Good God this spot by DDB for the Ad Council about getting your GED is insufferable. Could it be any more of a downer followed by cheesy/overused crescendoing music? There were so many ways one could have gone with this spot. But DDB settles for a bad visual metaphor, corny acting, and boring copy. Maybe […]

Everyone knows you should target the heavy users – like teens. Via.

I was just in Jamaica for a wedding and while there drank way more than my share of Red Stripe beers. However if I had seen this before I went, I wouldn’t have had as many. Ugh, this is so not funny. In fact, it’s annoying. On the face of things The Red Stripe Ambassador […]

All I know is that it’s a Japanese commercial for a jock itch cream. Other than that, ignorance is bliss.

Keep it simple.


I once managed a junior writer who had a really great attitude and was always a go-getter. However her fatal flaw was that she tried to prove how great a writer she was by over-writing everything to death. If she could say it in 5 words, she’d do it in 15. Instead of using clear, […]

Over the last week, we’ve had posts about going back to what we learned in college and how kids aren’t learning what they need to in ad school. And on this very blog I’ve said the same thing again and again – DON’T DO STUPID FUCKING SELF PROMO VIDEOS LIKE THIS.¬†Sorry to get so harsh, […]

I have to admit, the first time I watched this, I tuned out after about 15 seconds and was prepared to write a post about how not-funny and lame this DirecTV ad from Grey, NY was. But then, in the last 5 seconds, the giraffe caught my attention and made me laugh. So I watched […]

Why do I get the feeling that the “reinvented” Ford Explorer will be just as bland, boring and unimaginative as this commercial for it is? Could they make me less interested? I’m thinking no.

I’m going to just imagine that Justin Timberlake launching a tequila never happened. That’s just too much to get my brain around right now. But let’s just hope his tag line “Uncommonly Smooth” is a little more true for this drink that it is for the actress in his new spot. Yes, she wasn’t given […]

Yesterday I posted about vintage movie advertising and how memorable it was. But there’s one thing that beats it for people in my age range – kids’ toy advertising from the 80s. Check out Social Times’ ten 1980′s toy commercials. Proof that sheer frequency wins every time.


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