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Probably not a key selling point if you ask me. Via.

SID LEE COLLECTIVE | Boot camp 2011 from sidlee on Vimeo. Here’s an interesting video by Sid Lee about how you build a culture that people want to be a part of. I find a lot of agencies are content to let their culture build itself – they’ve got no vision as to what they’re […]

My first reaction was “Why does something as iconic as Sharpie need to advertise at all?” But hey, when you do work that’s as cool as this, then who am I to say don’t market yourself.

It must be really tough selling boxing gear to kids. Or to even get them interested in boxing these days. But in this beautifully shot spot for boxing manufacturer Everlast, they do a great job of making boxing seem like a noble, character-building sport. Really great idea.

If you do the math on this video, they spent the equivalent of 225 eight-hour days painting frames for this stop motion cliche-fest. What a ridiculous waste of time and money. We get it. It’s small. Now how about communicating something that we can’t see for ourselves in the first 2 seconds.

Sorry, but this spot creeps me out. When I want to chew some tasty, refreshing gum, the last thing I want to think about is old, gross gum stuck under a table.

In nearly every brainstorm I’ve ever been in for a big, national product, someone says “Let’s do a Time’s Square billboard that’s tied into [fill in your favorite social media here].” And then everybody rolls their eyes, laughs and moves on to the next idea. It’s so overdone and cliché that it’s become a parody. […]

I had a friend send me this over the weekend. It’s for… um… well, watch it and see if you can remember who it’s for 20 minutes later. And if you can remember who it’s for, the bonus question: what does any of this have to do with the product? Just all around ridiculous.

I loved the original spot in this campaign. It was so well concepted, written and edited. Now comes their second effort, which is just as awesome. It’s just so… fun. And it’s a great strategy for a shoe company that, frankly, can’t compete on a technical level with the Nikes and Adidases of the world.

If your ass is a “hard to reach area” you’re in more trouble than this product can help with. Via.


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