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Wow – talk about a great way to dramatize the power (and inherent danger) of a train. It’s such a simple, brutal metaphor that you can’t watch this and miss the message. Well done. Via.

I am honestly shocked that multiple people watched this thing and said “Yeah, this is great. Let’s run it.” Holy shit is this terrible. Embarrassingly terrible.

It’s not that Facebook is an unstoppable force – remember, people thought that about MySpace. But does anyone seriously think Unthink is going to do it with such a horrible, horrible video like this? The actress in it is just so… unlikeable. Via.

In light of Steve Jobs’ sudden retirement as Apple CEO, I thought I’d remind myself, and everyone else, that this spot is one of my favorite of all time. Not many people remember that when this campaign launched, Apple was in serious jeopardy of going out of business. Their stock hovered around $12 and no […]

Um… no thanks. We already ate something else. Via.

Let’s hope the games are all as good as this spot from W+K. The great thing about this commercial is that it’s something most other spots aren’t – funny without being corny. And that’s much tougher to do than you’d imagine.

Not funny? Check. Ridiculous (lack of) concept? Check. Give me zero reasons why I should switch to them? Check. It’s the perfect storm of truly horrible advertising. Bravo.

I have to give it to French Connection. They can do pretty. And while this is no Canne Lion winner, they do a nice job of making the blouse look great and giving things a cool vibe.

Ugh, BK. You ditched Crispin for THIS? I mean, it’s not offensively bad or anything, it’s just 1) boring and not creative and 2) a lie. Look, I think we all know how powerful the franchisees are and they wanted to show the product. I can practically hear their feedback now. So I think we […]

I’m a sucker for dogs. And this photo series by Carli Davidson made me laugh.


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