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I haven’t been a huge fan of these pistachio ads, although some are funnier than others. But I have to give them credit for jumping on the cultural bandwagon and not jumping off.

Hmm… no one’s showing up to our bake sale. I can’t imagine why? We have all these delicious brownies and cookies. Via.

Payback? Because so many people eat Great White Sharks? Because we shamelessly pimp Shark Week? Or are they telling the sharks to go vegan because eating humans are so horrible for your health, you know, with how fat we are and all. (And by the way, that leg is massively out of proportion to a […]

I have to admit, I was thoroughly fooled. I was never a huge Cheech and Chong fan growing up, but I thought to myself – this would actually be pretty funny to go see. And then I got to the end. Good stuff. Via.

I’ve worked with my share of athletes and I know how hard it is to get a natural performance out of them. It’s usually pretty stiff. That’s why I love this spot for EA Sports. While it’s clear that Landon and Lincecum were instructed to talk trash and that some of what they said were […]

I love that on YouTube this video has “no description available.” It’s pretty apropos.


Apparently, when the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending knee injury, someone at the NFL decided it was the perfect opportunity to promote their fantasy football game. Very nice, NFL. The banner was taken down after about an hour, but hey, this is the internet. Nothing really gets taken down. Via.

Some entertaining lingerie spots where, if you’re paying attention to anything other than her, you might learn something.

Apparently British Airways is investing $8 billion to improve literally every aspect of their flight experience. And if this commercial to kick off that program is any indication, they should do pretty well. I’m a sucker for well-done anthemic spots like this. It’s some really beautiful film and the writing’s great. The only thing I […]


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