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On my 4-year-old daughter’s alphabet iPad app came this gem of a banner ad. Methinks you need to rework your targeting just a touch.

The copy at the end of this spot reads “We all need warmth.” While this is a really pretty, pretty spot, what I love about it is that it’s pretty AND has a great, simple concept behind it. It’s visually stunning and would have serious stopping power in TV. I can totally picture the average […]

I saw this about 15 times last night while watching the World Series. God it’s horrible.

I mean, when we get stuff like this, is it really even worth it? And do politicians really think we’re so dumb as to vote for them because of this dreck?  

Yes, the idea is the most important thing, but you could have the world’s greatest idea and not have budget like this to produce it perfectly. I’m not kidding when I guarantee you that this single event had a production budget larger than all the national commercials I’ve ever done put together. But MAN, was […]

Yesterday a friend sent me this article entitled “Why the QR code is failing.” It’s a great read, but you kind of walk away from it thinking, “Well, DUH!” The analysis is so common sense that it makes you wonder why QR codes are so misused by so many agencies these days. I think the […]

I’ve been seeing this run on ESPN in the evenings. Apologies for the poor video, but you’ll get the idea. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen porn acting this bad.

Here’s a funny spot for Snapdragon that shows how little energy it uses. But I don’t believe for a second that these bugs actually powered this phone.

Here’s a well concepted, well produced commercial for Specsavers. It verges on a little corny for me with the pepper mill shot and the sausage getting chopped, but I’m just glad they didn’t have the naked guy over-react with a Benny Hill-style “Oh my gosh!” look at the end.

GM, what were you thinking? Mocking college students who ride bikes as losers who are laughed at by girls in cars probably isn’t the best way to sell your product. And I guess you figured that out after you were pressured into pulling the ad. It constantly amazes me that 1. there’s an agency out […]


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