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This spot could be a whole lot worse. So it’s got that going for it. But it’s not really funny or cute or quite what I expect from McD’s. It’s just sort of… there.

Bojangles chicken. Congrats on making a commercial that literally any product could be substituted into and still work. Bojangles’ – Surgeons from BooneOakley on Vimeo.

This thing is a minute and a half long and I swear somewhere in here is the product and the consumer benefit. I think. I mean, I was watching a billion shots of a guy in a bear suit doing X-games stuff and occasionally holding the product for a second or two, but that’s about […]

So this is a really nicely produced video of what our future could look like. And if it comes true, apparently anyone who can create an infographic will be the most sought after employees on the planet. But I digress. The one problem I have with this video is that it’s created by… wait for […]

I haven’t been a huge fan of these pistachio ads, although some are funnier than others. But I have to give them credit for jumping on the cultural bandwagon and not jumping off.

If you attached yourself to 4 other fake people – all of which were doing the exact same thing you were, wouldn’t you be searching the same 5 sites at all times? So what’s the point of having 5 guys if they’re all searching the same thing? I don’t get it.

If I didn’t tell you this was a spot about rugby, would you have ever guessed it? Via.

I think I like the YouTube write-up better than the spot itself. It’s full of so much unintentional comedy, I’m not sure where to start. Then again, so is the commercial. The new ad stars nine-year old UK Streetdance phenomenon Arizona Snow, ‘popping’, ‘locking’ and ‘tutting’ her way through a high energy street dance routine […]

Is this really the best way to announce your new product? With a 60-second, high-budget, long-winded spot that says… what exactly? That you took a processor from a giant robot that was relatively easy to beat to make your phone? Seems like a wasted opportunity to actually tell the consumer something useful about it.

While JCPenney fights off the attacking social media hordes for selling the T-shirt that reads, “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” I’m personally more aghast that anyone would wear such a god-awfully designed shirt in the first place. Jesus, pick a fucking typeface and stick with it…


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