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First, the facts: An ad by a large Asian ad agency (Leo Burnett HK) for a tiny yoga studio wins the Grand Prix at the Hong Kong 4A’s Kam Fan Awards. Hmmm… you think there’s something fishy here? Scam ad? Created by the agency just to win awards? I’m thinking yes. I’ve accepted the fact […]

This has got to be all kinds of copyright infringement. But really, when something is this awesome, who cares how much McDonalds sues you for. Via.

Creativity has come out with a great article detailing the reaction to the various award shows’ scam policies and asks the important question “Are the Award Shows Wussing Out?”. Cannes has finally come out with their guidelines and – surprise – they’re not very harsh. They’re only banning the individuals responsible for an undetermined amount […]

I posted on the apparent scam ads for Play Doh from Singapore a few days ago and promised to try and get a comment from parent company Hasbro. Well, it didn’t take long. Wayne Charness, SVP of Corporate Communications just responded to me. Part of his response is here: We became aware of these Play-Doh […]

Two more scam-related incidences popped up today – both of which are equally ugly. The first has to do with a JWT Singapore campaign for Coopers Premium Light Lager. One quick look and you can tell in a heartbeat that it’s misogynistic crap that’s as fake as fake can be. Of course that didn’t stop […]

Following in the footsteps of the One Show’s crackdown on fake ads, D&AD has issues it’s own rules to help eliminate scams from their show. From their blog: “D&AD maintains the right to exclude any fraudulent entries, along with the entering agency, from that and subsequent D&AD Awards shows, and will continue to enforce those […]

I usually don’t bother posting on a Friday afternoon – especially right before a long weekend. But this news calls for it. The One Show has just announced a plan to fight fake ads by banning both agencies and individuals involved. It’s a huge step forward for major award shows and shows a true dedication […]

Social media is kind of the wild west these days. Many brands are running around with no plan, no thought into what they’re currently doing and no idea if what they’re doing is getting any results. So it’s no surprise when companies are getting caught doing stuff like this. I’m sure it sounded like a […]

Don’t people know they’re going to get caught? Apparently the┬áCosta Brava Pyrenees Tourism authority in Spain don’t think so. They were caught yesterday using a photo of an Australian beach in their tourism ad for Spain. (See above. The Aussie photo is on the left.) But wait. There’s more. Not only did they get caught […]

Ok, this is the kind of shit that pisses me off. If you haven’t heard about the recent┬áDoug Jaeger/Poster Boy/MOMA fiasco, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Jaeger designed a campaign that reproduced MOMA works of art as subway posters. Then, for some unknown reason and without the client’s knowledge, he hired anti-advertising collective Poster Boy […]


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