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These are the kind of stories I love. After 31 years, Harley Davidson and Carmichael Lynch parted ways on Monday. Which side broke up with the other is currently a debate, but Harley made it clear that they weren’t going to conduct a new AOR search and instead go with a roster of shops. Now […]

This made me laugh out loud today. Apparently Republicans created some social media stunt called “America Speaking Out” where they asked “real” Americans how to run our country.¬†Of course when you’re the party of crazy people and you jump into user-submitted content, you get gems like this: “End Child Labor Laws,” suggests one helpful participant. […]

Ok, the only real reason I’m posting about this GoDaddy consumer generated commercial contest is so that I can show this holy-sweet-Jesus! photo of GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick. But if you’re interested, you can click here and enter to win $100,000 for first place, $50,000 for second place and $25,000 for third place. Hell, if […]

Just five short days after crowdsourcing the name for its new Vegemite product – ridiculously called “iSnack 2.0″ – Kraft of Australia has decided to drop it. Part of me wonders how such a terrible name even made it in the first place. And part of me knows exactly how it did: President of Kraft: […]

While some unimaginative dinosaurs continue to miss the potential of social media like Facebook and Twitter, other more forward-thinking agencies are coupling their creativity with technology to show us all the vast potential. Check out Razorfish’s short, 30-slide presentation they gave a while back. It’s a great eye opener – specifically to the power of […]

Ah, the fun and games that ensue when you offer control of your brand to consumers. Case in point: Nebraska. The Cornhusker state received four submissions for their new license plate and the Governor thought it’d be a good idea to have a contest to choose the winner. The problem is, all the designs sucked […]

In my opinion, user-generated advertising contests usually prove the point that advertising is a specialty and regular people should not attempt it at home. So here comes California Senator Barbara Boxer, who decided to hold a contest where supporters could submit a poster design for her. She was even going to let everyone vote on […]

I’ve posted here and here about how agencies creating products is the next big thing. And here’s yet another example. The digital marketing agency Fluid has created technology that allows people to chat with their Facebook friends and get status update feedback about different retailer’s products. The technology does quite a few things – all […]

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when you give up control of your brand to consumers, anything and everything can happen. Skittles certainly found out the hard way, and now so has NASA. The space agency decided to get the public involved in naming a new room on the international space station. […]

Social media is kind of the wild west these days. Many brands are running around with no plan, no thought into what they’re currently doing and no idea if what they’re doing is getting any results. So it’s no surprise when companies are getting caught doing stuff like this. I’m sure it sounded like a […]


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