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While I watched my Ducks win an amazing victory over the Wisconsin Badgers in this year’s Rose Bowl, I wondered how many high school football players are watching the game and thinking, “DAMN those uniforms are cool! I want to go THERE!” Even if it sways one or two players a year, that’s an advantage […]

The days of digital’s get-it-out-fast-and-fix-it-later mantra have made creatives lose a lot of the craft of making ads. So has Photoshop and InDesign. And the faster-faster-faster pace we’re running at these days just magnifies the problem. I think it behooves every creative to slow down and take some time to learn the fine details that […]

Vintage sugar cube packaging. Via.

Nice graphic design on these split personality superhero posters from Danny Haas. I’m really digging them. Via.

How cool is this street art wallpaper made up of photographs of graffitied subway cars? I love it. It was made by Henry Chalfant and is at theĀ Art In The Streets exhibit at the MoCA. Via.

Well, they are made with “real beef” after all… Via.

Such a simple idea that’s less damaging/permanent than spray paint but just as cool. I’ve got a bunch of fence line like this – anyone want to come do this at my place? Via.

Came across this series of Positive Posters by Bisgrafic and they cracked me up. (Well, at least the ones in English did.) Good stuff.

My wife and I are thinking about re-doing our daughter’s bedroom. I wonder if I can convince her to get this letterpress wallpaper. Or maybe I’ll put it up in my office. Very cool. Via.

Did you know that typewriter ribbon came in tins? (Hell, do you even know what a typewriter is?) Either way, check out these beautifully designed packages for something as disposable as typewriter ribbon. It’s sad that real, honest design like this has mostly gone the way of the dinosaur (or the typewriter). Via.


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