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As Creative Director of sustainability agency Saatchi & Saatchi S, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about how to talk about global warming to people. We took a tact of keeping things positive, making things personal, and walking that fine line of rational facts coupled with emotional arguments. I won’t claim that’s the […]

I’m not sure I get the metaphor that has going here in this spot. If global warming is making these supermodels strip off all their clothes, isn’t that a good thing? Why would I want that to stop? Oh there’s some mumbo jumbo about 350 parts per million, but it’s not explained what that […]

The Million Baby Crawl is a new campaign from environmentally-friendly Seventh Generation. The idea is that babies everywhere are crawling to Washington D.C. to protest the toxic chemicals found in every household product out there. The spots are here and here. So I’ll give two pieces of credit to Seventh Generation and their agency Carmichael […]

DDB Brazil, take note. If you really want to help the WWF and bring attention to its plight, maybe instead of creating fake ads that piss everyone off and ruin your career you should try something like the WWF did in Germany. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo (oh the irony) created 1,000 human-shaped ice sculptures and […]

It sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit – an ad agency pitching a campaign to a Quebec Toyota Dealers Association telling consumers not to drive as much. But the results of this unexpected campaign speak for themselves – record-setting 2008 sales. Montreal-based agency BleuBlancRouge came up with the bizzaro world campaign and sold a […]

When I was the creative director at sustainability agency Saatchi & Saatchi S we made our business cards about 40% smaller than the standard card. All the type was the same size as a standard card and everything fit. The point was that you didn’t have to give anything up to be greener. Personally, I […]

For many of us, we’ve hit the saturation point with “green”advertising. Too many companies are saying too many things – very few of which do we have a way of evaluating. What does “green” really mean anyway? That’s why I’m worried about Boxed Water. Sure, “about 90% of the Boxed Water container is made from a […]

In a former lifetime I was the creative director of an agency focused on sustainability. So I’m all for groups like 1% for the Planet. What I’m not for are wasted efforts like this TDA Advertising campaign. You can click here for a large version of the ad so you can read the copy, but […]

Clean coal?


So I’m all for ripping the coal industry. Their “Clean Coal” campaign is about as oxymoronic as Bush’s “Health Forest Initiative” a while back that basically clear cut everything in sight. And they deserve whatever they get. I just wished the Coal Industry would have gotten more than this effort from the Coen Brothers. I […]

In 2007, 2.2 million homes in Sydney, Australia decided to switch off their lights for just one hour to conserve electricity. The effort was dubbed Earth Hour and was a way for individual Aussies to do their part for the environment. Jump forward just two years and Earth Hour has already grown to 538 cities in 75 countries – […]


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