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This was sent to me by a Dog & Pony Show reader the other day. No one said anything? Really?

This is hilarious –¬†Eric Spiegelman captured photos of all the dentists in his SoCal area who use smiling, happy teeth in their logo or on their signage. Can we all agree this must stop?

My, my, my…


MySpace new logo, meet Gap new logo. Welcome to the race to the bottom of public opinion.

Yes, we all know the new Gap logo is getting HAMMERED in the press. And rightfully so. It’s horrible. But what’s being overlooked in this Gaptastrpohy is the sad fact that’s it’s not just the Gap – nobody can seem to create a logo these days.¬†Pepsi, Tropicana, Gatorade, Sunkist, Mountain Dew, Kraft – they’re all […]

I’ll admit it. I’m not above juvenile snickering. Via

Here’s a little love for all my designer readers. Specky Boy Design Magazine has a nice retrospective of logos from 40 famous companies. You can see how the various logos have evolved throughout the years and wonder “What the Hell were they thinking?” at some point in nearly every one of those 40 company’s designs.

After 29 years, MTV has finally dropped “Music Television” from their redesigned logo. I’m glad they did this so soon. Because, you know, it’d be terrible for a brand that defined my generation to become the butt of comedians’ jokes about how they haven’t shown actual videos for a decade. Via.

It’s hard to believe that these ads would be rammed through or inserted gently in without anyone realizing how sexual they are. Many of them, like this Catholic Church logo (above) touch softly on taboo subjects, so you’d figure there’s be some friction before their release. Ok, I’m out of sexual puns. But these spots […]

Ok, let’s have 8:00 minutes of Friday ad dork fun. Click here for the game and see how many logos you can identify. Some are easy. Some are much harder. I got 25 out of the 36. When you’re done with that one, you can always try the mascot quiz that I posted a while […]

Back in the days when I produced a lot of TV, I had a client who loved to come into the editing suite and nitpick. And the worst was when he would try and sound smart by saying “I think that scene needs another frame on the end.” (For those who don’t know, a single […]


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