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Um… no thanks. We already ate something else. Via.

Wow. Who knew that 4 letters could basically kill your entire business? Via.

Admit it. We all think about doing it. Via.

“In the suit, filed on Monday, California-based winery Clos Lachance Wines asked the court to declare that its “Mommyjuice” does not violate the trademark of “Mommy’s Time Out,” which is marketed by a New Jersey distributor. “Mommy is a generic word that they don’t have a monopoly on,” said KC Branch, an attorney who represents […]

Or maybe it’s a win! Via.

I’ll pass. But thank your dad for offering up his nuts. Via.


I’ll take the cold sore and herpes combo please. On second thought…

I guess once the Craig’s List adult section closed down, she had to go somewhere. Via

It could happen. After 24 years of holding the naming rights to the Sacramento Kings arena, ARCO has announced that they’re giving up the name at the end of this year. The Kings will begin an immediate search for a new naming partner. Hey Joe and Gavin, I’ve been a Kings fan since they moved […]


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