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This was the page takeover on SF Gate yesterday. (It may still be up.) Talk about annoying. I come to this site to read the news, not to have the news blocked by a lame ad with a close X so hidden that I get actively pissed off. Toyota Dealers, if you’re reading this, I […]

Apparently, when the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending knee injury, someone at the NFL decided it was the perfect opportunity to promote their fantasy football game. Very nice, NFL. The banner was taken down after about an hour, but hey, this is the internet. Nothing really gets taken down. Via.

For something that basically does nothing more than make a pretty infographic using your Facebook content, the Intel Museum of Me is pretty damn sweet. It’s fun to watch and the ask of the consumer is absurdly low. Plus, they’ve done some technical stuff that I’ve never seen done before. The idea itself is nothing […]

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Bob Hoffman of Hoffman/Lewis. On his blog, The Ad Contrarian, he has this painfully contrived schtick where he sets up digital strawmen and then knocks them down – supposedly cutting through the bullshit and interactive hucksters out there. His argument are usually so full of holes and […]

Condom or not? Your choice – via an interactive YouTube video. These days there seems to be a race to find the newest when we haven’t even fully-explored the current.┬áIt’s great to see people branching out and finding new and interesting uses for existing technology.

For Topps’ 60th anniversary they’re out with a cool promotion – help them pick the Top 60 Cards of All Time. You select from 100 on their site and the winners will be randomly inserted into new packs next year. Get to voting.

This has been out a few days, so I’m a little late to the party on this Hermes video. But let’s break it down. Pro: Fun and original. Con: No idea what skateboarding has to do with Hermes. Pro: Does a great job of showing off the merchandise. Con: Is the typical Hermes buyer going […]

What you’re looking at isn’t a jpeg or a graphic. It’s actual type – on the web. It’s a product of Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and it’s changing the way the internet will look. Lost World’s Fairs is a collaboration to show exactly how versatile and beautiful WOFF can be. Out: the same old […]

Nerd Baseball


Ok, this made my week. Nerd Baseball is a site filled with nerds who played baseball – shocker, I know. And you wonder why these guys never get any endorsement deals… Via

Sorry, but you ain’t handling my package. Via.


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