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Vintage sugar cube packaging. Via.

Is it a training ball or a training bra? Via.

Well, they are made with “real beef” after all… Via.

Or maybe it’s a win! Via.

So let me get this straight… you’re going to redesign the box in order to tell me you’re going to redesign the box? Via.

Well, this is really, really great news: Pepsi announced yesterday that it has “cracked the code” for making an environmentally-friendly bottle made entirely of plant material — including switch grass, pine bark, and corn husks.

You might think about re-checking those countries’ flags. I’m just sayin’… Via.

While it’s a really fun idea, this Lee bag – that turns into a calendar, stickers, checkerboard, Do Not Disturb sign and more – kind of misses the point. If you want an eco-friendly initiative, printing millions of bags isn’t the way to do it. Why not make a reusable bag? Why not make a […]

I was going to save this for a Friday FAIL, but then I realized it’s a WIN. This reminds me of back in the day when my fellow copywriters and I would pick an obscure word and the first person to successfully work it into an ad was the winner. Via.

It’s so nice of the Gap to give out bags made in the USA… that were actually made in China. Whoops.


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