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So true. This is one that’s played out.

Hmm… no one’s showing up to our bake sale. I can’t imagine why? We have all these delicious brownies and cookies. Via.

Well designed. Made me laugh. And so, so true. It’s an illustrated guide to horrible movie clichés from the New York International Latino Film Festival.

Nice graphic design on these split personality superhero posters from Danny Haas. I’m really digging them. Via.

Sara Rogness doesn’t hate gay people. But what better place to show off her distain for Verizon than with the homophobic freak show known as the Westboro Baptist Church.

I have a very good friend of mine who lives in Tokyo. So the earthquake hit really close to home (so to speak). That’s why I was really struck by James White’s poster – which you can buy here for just $29.99. All profits go to the relief effort. Such a great cause and such a great […]

I’d say something about this poster, but he probably already knows what I’m going to say.

Came across this series of Positive Posters by Bisgrafic and they cracked me up. (Well, at least the ones in English did.) Good stuff.

Connect to friends you’re not really that close with on a website so that you can then turn around and print a giant poster of them to hang on your wall to stare at instead of interacting with them in real life. Via.

My thoughts exactly.


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