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Are people really still using Braveheart as an idea? Really? I mean, it was a good flick and all, but do you really want to link your business to a 16-year-old movie starring Mel Gibson? Via.

Funny that I was sent the same Doritos Super Bowl spot from two different readers today. One (rightfully) pointed out that it’s a blatant rip off of another spot (see above). And when you watch them side-by-side, it’s pretty clear that’s true. The other reader linked to this article that also (rightfully) rants on how […]

Seriously Microsoft. You couldn’t come up with your own idea? You had to rip off someone else’s concept and then do it as unfunny as possible. I will be absolutely shocked if there is a worse ad this year.

Can we all agree the Rube Goldberg concepts can stop now? Or better yet, let’s stop copying OK Go videos.

Yesterday, I posted about a kid who stole web design work from one of my friends (and multiple other people) and passed it off as his own. After a Twitter campaign to shame him, he simply deleted his Twitter account and made his Linkedin profile private. And then I got an email from him: Hey […]

There is almost nothing that gets me as pissed as hearing about some hack stealing someone else’s work. It’s happened to me twice before and I was livid. So I’m just as livid that David M Dyer, a hack online designer, has stolen a website from a friend of mine (as well as websites from […]

Ok, maybe I spoke too soon the other day when I said this campaign for Born Free was a different take on the usual. AgencySpy has a post up showing the similarities to a campaign done a year ago by Toronto-based Holmes & Lee and Reason Partners. Are they similar? Yes. Are they far enough […]

I can’t really accuse GSN of ripping off the art direction from the Yahoo campaign because that would assume that 1) the Yahoo campaign actually has art direction and 2) that anyone would want to rip off such a soul-crushingly bad concept in the first place. (And for the record, yes, I know the guys […]

Do you remember Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax? It was an early environmental story where the Lorax protects the truffula trees. So it’s the definition of irony that a coal company adopted the name for their business – LoraxAG. Of course morals and legality aren’t high on the list of coal company priorities, so it turns […]

I’ve had it happen twice in my career. An ACD at my agency (who I didn’t even work with) took one of my campaigns (from a client he didn’t even work on) and put it in his book. And then a couple years ago an ex-creative director of mine called me up and said “Didn’t […]


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