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I dunno. That sounds like a deal to me. Via.

Although I bet this would be a top-selling phone… Via.

No, I do not want to know what the specials are today. Via.

Wow. Who knew that 4 letters could basically kill your entire business? Via.

Maybe a thesaurus would have come in handy. Via.


Just don’t eat the bean dip. We’re warning you. Via.

Ya don’t say?


Knowing Ikea’s history of funny, witty advertising, you know this was done on purpose. And it’s those little things that just make me like them all the more. Kudos to the copywriter who went the extra mile – even on something as basic as signage for a hot dog. God is in the details.

I’ll pass. But thanks for asking. Via.

Maybe not the best way to describe your product features. Via.


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