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7-11 posted it today and then quickly took it down. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the inevitable backlash that’ll come from mental healths groups. But I’ve got to say – I thought it was funny and I like to see a brand with a sense of humor. That said, I have no idea […]

I’ve seen  this strategy for tampons a few times in the past couple years – mock the old, tired clichés and put a little humor in the message. It’s a good idea, although at some point so many brands will use the same strategy it’ll become a cliché. But until then, spots like this will […]

Your product benefit is that you can write stuff on it. That’s great if your product is sticky pads or paper. Not so much if you’re a Rice Krispie Treat. Really? That’s the best reason you can come up with for buying a Rice Krispie Treat? That you can write your absent-minded kid’s locker combo […]

There’s not a creative I know who doesn’t bitch about creative briefs. More often than not they’re just regurgitated clientspeak with cut-and-paste target audience information and a key message that’s either not believable, not ownable, or is nothing more than a feature instead of a consumer benefit. So the question is: do we need briefs […]

I’ve mentioned on this site before that I love dogs. More than most people. But I’m sorry – my love of dogs is not enough reason to buy a boat. This has to be one of the craziest reasons to buy something I’ve seen in a while. I mean really, who says to themselves “You […]

Copy them.


I’ve always wondered why more agencies don’t copy other successful agencies. True, every agency is different, but if you want to be like Crispin, or Wieden or Goodby, why don’t you model your agency after theirs and do what they do? Too many smaller agencies I know have no plan – they don’t know what […]

For years, decades even, BMW has stuck to one singular idea: The Ultimate Driving Machine. If you go back and look at their advertising, it didn’t even show people – you didn’t see a driver, people around the car, no one. All they cared about was their product. It set them apart as being more serious […]

I’ll preface this post by saying I’m not sure if this is real or not. Usually :46 second commercials that stray from the brand voice and use clips that look like stock footage are spec/fake as hell. That said, I hope this isn’t. Because it’s finally a different take on the ridiculous crap that most […]

Man does Crispin ever have a knack for this kind of stuff. I honestly don’t know any other agency that could have pulled it off. They go to Domino’s, show them focus group after focus group of people saying Domino’s pizza sucks and tastes like cardboard, convinces them to completely revamp their recipes and then […]

It used to be a given: when a big piece of your business went into review, you threw everything your agency had at it and worked like Hell to keep the account. And in today’s economy, where every last dollar counts, you’d imagine re-pitching business would be even more important. But recently (and thankfully), agencies […]


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