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For something that basically does nothing more than make a pretty infographic using your Facebook content, the Intel Museum of Me is pretty damn sweet. It’s fun to watch and the ask of the consumer is absurdly low. Plus, they’ve done some technical stuff that I’ve never seen done before. The idea itself is nothing […]

Damn this is a cool idea. It uses QR codes in print to communicate in a way that I’ve never seen done before. What a great understanding of how the technology can be used – not just for technology sake – but for connecting with an audience on a deeper, more information and emotional level. […]

vjsuave MTV brasil from vjsuave on Vimeo. Forget all the crazy 3-D mapped, CGI extravaganzas that people are putting together for wall projections these days. I’ll take this kick-ass animation projected from a moving vehicle any day. Really fun stuff. Via.

Sure, it’s a small-scale stunt, but at least it’s a fun one.

QR codes are picking up steam as a marketing tactic. So far I’ve mostly seen them used in gimmicky ways to link to video content. But when I was in Austin the other week, I found one of the most useful applications for QR codes I’d ever seen. I was in a Tex-Mex restaurant called […]

Wirify lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. But if the web page is already designed, why would you need a wireframe for it? Don’t you need the wireframe before you design a page? I’m confused. Via.

I’ve been in advertising long enough to remember the holiday bonus check. That’s one of those things that seemingly disappeared in advertising with the bust and never returned. And with the unsettled economy, you’d think something extra for the holidays would still be non-existant. But apparently, not so. The Kaplan Thaler Group in New […]

Usually when I’m ranting about technology on this blog it’s because people are using it just for the sake of using it. It’s cool or whatever, but doesn’t actually DO anything to sell. Well this new iPad app from Hyundai that is the owner’s manual is both cool and functional. It adds a level of […]

Instead of doing something simple like “Check our Twitter feed for a new Gap deal each day!”, AKQA did something pretty cool. They attached GPS units to 8 different reindeer and assigned a special pricing deal to each one.┬áThen every day, the reindeer compete for the winning deal. The reindeer that goes the farthest, fastest, […]

Here in California, we’ve seen the drawbacks of having massively important services centralized – look at what happened in the CA energy crisis or the “Too big to fail” financial fiasco. We’re starting to see how much sense it makes to decentralize things like power generation by putting solar on the roofs of every house. […]


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