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I’m not a video game player. I’m not a fan of video games in general. And I haven’t really been wowed by any video game advertising. Sure, some of the Gears of War or Halo commercials are beautiful, but they never really connected with me because I didn’t get into the games. But this… Fuck. […]

Yes kids, our video games used to look like this and our video game commercials did too.

I’m a big Oregon Duck fan. And I hate this Dr. Pepper spot. But when you put the two together, it’s pure comedic gold. This cracked me up.

If I pitched to you the idea of a talking fruit cake – before even seeing the script – you’d laugh at me, right? I would. Right before I told myself to go back and start connecting again. Nothing good can come from a talking baked good. But if that ridiculous premise somehow slipped past […]

George Lucas has been selling out left and right, but leave it to Japan to really put that sell out to use in a crazy-ass way. Boil Japan?

This spot could be a whole lot worse. So it’s got that going for it. But it’s not really funny or cute or quite what I expect from McD’s. It’s just sort of… there.

Bojangles chicken. Congrats on making a commercial that literally any product could be substituted into and still work. Bojangles’ – Surgeons from BooneOakley on Vimeo.

They could have done just a simple animated commercial. But they added a degree of both difficulty and originality that made it a little more memorable. I like it.

The copy at the end of this spot reads “We all need warmth.” While this is a really pretty, pretty spot, what I love about it is that it’s pretty AND has a great, simple concept behind it. It’s visually stunning and would have serious stopping power in TV. I can totally picture the average […]

I saw this about 15 times last night while watching the World Series. God it’s horrible.


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