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I saw the NFL spot that ran during the Super Bowl. Very cool. What’s cooler than that? Their new website – NFL Evolution – that chronicles all the health & safety rules that have been implemented throughout the years. Now I’m a little jaded – as this seems to be a pretty transparent ploy to […]

Here’s my latest fascination: “You Are Listening To Los Angeles” – a mashup of free, Creative Commons ambient music and live LAPD radio transmissions. Tune in in the evenings when the police scanners spring to life (although any time of the day works). This is one of those “I wish I had thought of that” […]

Perfume advertising is usually about as concept-free as they come. So I’ve got to give props to Droga5 for this new site for Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna. (Click here to see it. I can’t embed.) The video and audio works whether you play it forward or backward. The result is to show off Rihanna’s two […]

Mental note: Don’t let my daughter surf the Spongebob website until they fix their ad targeting. Via.

Wirify lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. But if the web page is already designed, why would you need a wireframe for it? Don’t you need the wireframe before you design a page? I’m confused. Via.

Instead of doing something simple like “Check our Twitter feed for a new Gap deal each day!”, AKQA did something pretty cool. They attached GPS units to 8 different reindeer and assigned a special pricing deal to each one.┬áThen every day, the reindeer compete for the winning deal. The reindeer that goes the farthest, fastest, […]

Here’s an agency site I actually like – the new one from JWT. It’s a really interesting concept that pulls from multiple sources like Twitter, RSS, etc. and creates small content boxes out of each piece of information. Here’s the kicker: the site goes on forever. The farther down you scroll, the more content it […]

What you’re looking at isn’t a jpeg or a graphic. It’s actual type – on the web. It’s a product of Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and it’s changing the way the internet will look. Lost World’s Fairs is a collaboration to show exactly how versatile and beautiful WOFF can be. Out: the same old […]

Or maybe I’m crying so hard I’m laughing. I can’t tell. It’s the websites of the Digital Agencies of the Future – as seen on an iPhone. I guess most agencies don’t consider mobile as digital. Or most just really don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Save the words.


For a copywriter, this is super cool – It’s a site that’s desperately trying to hold on to all the words that are about to disappear from our vernacular. You can uncover the meaning of tons of old-school words, adopt your favorites, get a word-of-the-day and more. I’ll do my part and try and […]


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