Come to Spain… uh, we mean Australia.



Don’t people know they’re going to get caught? Apparently the Costa Brava Pyrenees Tourism authority in Spain don’t think so. They were caught yesterday using a photo of an Australian beach in their tourism ad for Spain. (See above. The Aussie photo is on the left.)

But wait. There’s more.

Not only did they get caught yesterday pulling a fast one on potential Spain tourists, they were caught doing the same thing several weeks ago, except with a photo from the Bahamas!

Anyone want to pitch the Spanish Tourism account? I have a feeling they’ll be looking for a new agency soon.

Via The Daily What


One Response to “Come to Spain… uh, we mean Australia.”

  1. 1 Heath

    I had a ski resort client that was always very specific that the most generic “person going down a hill” had to be a shot from their mountain. Now I can see why.

    Of course this was before the gotcha internet age. The backlash is 100 fold now.

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