4 out of 5 doctors surveyed still don’t understand social media.


This is kind of an update to something I posted earlier about how doctors were suing patients over Yelp reviews. Now apparently, they’re forcing patients to sign waiver agreements saying they won’t make online comments about the doctors.

Why don’t doctors realize this is as ridiculous as forcing patients to sign something saying they’ll never say anything bad about them to friends or family? You can’t stop word-of-mouth advertising. And really, that’s what sites like Yelp are – ways to facilitate word-of-mouth. I’m waiting for the Yelp backlash against docs who want patients to sign this stuff.

Hey docs, here’s an idea – why don’t you focus on improving your service instead of trying to silence those who don’t think you’re that great.

From BoingBoing via Futurismic

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