Get real (time).


PSFK has a great post up about the culture of spontaneity and how marketers should use it as a strategy. When you look at some of the examples they show, you realize that this kind of instant advertising – taking into account the events of the moment – can really attract people’s attention.

Of course the Ikeas and Nikes of the world are already advanced marketing machines, so being able to jump when they need to jump seems like it’d be easier for them than for the big, slow-moving Wal-Mart and Ford-type companies. Then again, Burger King wasn’t know as a savvy marketer until Russ Klein hooked up with CP+B either. So there’s always hope.

Now the last thing we want to see is a slew of more “It’s your personal economic bailout sale SALE SALE!” ads that have been running ad nauseam. But setting aside some dollars to be able to take advantage of real time happenings makes a ton of sense.

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