Dead Radio.



I never understood why some copywriters don’t like to write radio – and I’ve met a lot of them. For me, it’s my absolutely favorite thing to write. I can do pretty much anything I want (since I’m not working with an AD on it), unlike TV I can still do almost anything even with a small budget, 60 seconds is a ton of time to just write, and the bar is so damn low in radio that you can’t help but do something that’s instantly better than 80% of the work out there.

Now if you’re a copywriter like me and have a hard drive full of great scripts that never got produced, now’s your chance to enter Oink Ink Radio’s Dead Radio Contest. Just send them your scripts. The winner and a friend get flown to the Oink Ink studios in either NYC or LA and get the radio script produced for free. Entry deadline is May 15, so start digging up those dead scripts.

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  1. 1 Dennis

    The reason a lot of copywriters don’t like to write radio scripts is simple. It’s hard. It’s even harder to do it well. You can’t hide behind good art direction and special effects. That’s why radio, when done well, is still my favorite advertising medium. I think the best radio campaigns are (not in order): Ortho “Kick Fire Ants Butt”, Bud Light “Charlton Heston” and Budweiser “Real American Heroes” (unfortunately, later changed to “Real Men of Genius”).

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