Why broadcast when you can braincast?



Maybe this is why ad agencies are having a tough time now – we’ve all been using online, traditional and social media to get our message out. But we’ve been ignoring Brain Ads. For a mere $2000 “donation,” Brain Ads will telepathically send your ad into the heads of people around the world. 

The unidentified owner of Brain Ads claims “It has been a long journey to discover that people were reading my mind, and although I came to think this already 7 years ago, everyone denied it. I was even given drugs without my knowledge.” (I’m guessing there are also plenty of drugs he/she takes with his/her knowledge, too.) The business started when “I realized that TV shows were following my daily thoughts.”

O-kaaayyyy. But hell, it’s no crazier an idea than Enfatico, right?

Via BoingBoing


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