Art and Copy.


I think it’s natural for everyone in advertising, from time to time, to get a little down on the business. We forget that we’re in a well-paid, fun-as-hell industry that allows us freedom not found in many other jobs. There’s a tendency to focus on the daily bullshit or crappy clients or something else that can take away the true reasons we got into this business.

In times like this, I usually turn to award show books – where I can be re-energized by seeing all kinds of great work. Or I’ll read something like “Hey Whipple, squeeze this.” – which is an awesome refresher on creating ads. And while I haven’t seen it, Art and Copy seems like it’ll do the same thing for me.

It has interviews with some of the great advertising minds of our generation and will highlight some of the legendary campaigns. It was funded by the One Club (awarders of the One Show Gold Pencils) and directed by Doug Pray.

“ART & COPY reveals the stories behind and the personal odysseys of some of the most influential advertising visionaries of our time and their campaigns, including Lee Clow (Apple Computer 1984, and today’s iPod); Dan Wieden (“Just Do It”); Phyllis K. Robinson (who invented the “me generation” with Clairol); Hal Riney (who helped President Reagan get re-elected); and George Lois (who saved MTV and launched Tommy Hilfiger overnight).”

For those of you in San Francisco, it’ll be playing at the San Francisco International Film Festival this Friday (4/24), Sunday (4/26) and the following Tuesday (4/28). You can see a full list of screenings around the country here.

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