Here’s a Pepsi Challenge.



Hey Pepsi, here’s a challenge for you: Do something without screwing it up.

First you have Peter Arnell redesign your logo, which is so universally panned that Arnell himself calls it “Bullshit.” (And on top of that, everyone seems to think it’s an Obama logo ripoff.) Then a jaw-droppingly ridiculous pdf of the process you paid millions for is leaked online and made you look like suckers who got duped by a snake oil salesman. And now your Pepsi promotion ends in people chanting “PEPSI SUCKS!”

It was a simple promotion to give away tickets to a Yankees’ game. But instead of giving away the 250 pairs of tickets you promised, you only gave away 100. It was so bad your pitchman, former Yankee Goose Gossage, didn’t even get out of the car.

“Furious fans tossed t-shirts, posters, crackerjack and into a big pile on the street.¬†Chanting “Pepsi sucks! Pepsi sucks!” the over-caffeinated mob cracked open cans of the soft drink and poured it onto the pile of swag, sending cops racing to the scene.”

There was no truth to reports that Peter Arnell was the one inciting the crowd by screaming “Bullshit!”

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