Manny being Manny. But not being marketed.



I sincerely hope you can read the joy in my writing when I talk about Manny Ramirez of the L.A. Dodgers getting suspended for 50 games for taking a female fertility drug (which is more commonly used by men to elevate testosterone and mask steroid use). As a Giants fan, I love nothing more than to see the Dodgers flounder. But apparently the Dodgers marketing staff isn’t as thrilled.

According to BrandFreak, the Dodgers had Manny in all kinds of marketing programs that now are as suspended as Manny is. Traditional and online ads are being being yanked faster than a Dodgers starting pitcher. The Mannywood section of the outfield and the promotional ticket package that goes with it is also out. And Manny dreadlock wigs, t-shirts and other souvenirs will be as scarce around Dodger stadium as Manny hustling out a ground ball.

So what are the Dodger marketing brass saying about this huge loss of marketing dollars? I’m betting it’s not “Well, Manny is just being Manny.”


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