New idea agencies.



I’ve talked about the idea of agencies moving from producing advertising for other companies to producing their own products here and here. But I hadn’t actually devised a catchy name for it like the panel at the PSFK Conference NYC did.

Nevertheless, they got a great group of minds together to speak on the topic of New Idea Agencies. Danielle Sacks from Fast Company, Robbie Vitrano (Trumpet), Carl Johnson (Anomaly), Bart Haney (fuseproject), and Ben Malbon (BBH Labs) had a fascinating conversation on the pros and cons of ad agencies turning the tables and becoming their own clients.

I’ve said it before, the way for agencies to smooth out economic ups and downs is to move this direction. It’s also a great way to retain or attract stellar creative minds that are slowly leaking out to other industries.

It’s an interesting discussion and you can watch it here.

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