ABC, NBC and… Hulu?



Everyone’s talking about these semi-cool retro spots that Pepsi did to promote their new “Pepsi Throwback” drink. The 15-second ads are fine. Whatever. But people seem to be missing the bigger point: These ads were made exclusively to run on Hulu, the online streaming TV site.

This is big. Way big.

Not only are advertisers now making specific TV commercial-like ads for a single website, but Hulu has, in effect, turned itself into a new network. But it gets even better – Hulu has turned itself into a new network that doesn’t even have to produce its own content – the shows are given to them via agreements with the major networks.

And given that Hulu has already shown that 88% of users are choosing to watch a 2-minute commercial in exchange for no ads during the rest of the show, this has the potential to open up all kinds of new worlds for advertisers online.

Suddenly, internet video has a business plan. Are you listening Google/YouTube?

One Response to “ABC, NBC and… Hulu?”

  1. 1 Heath

    I saw a promo for the Conan O’Brien show.

    “Watch Conan on ‘television’. It’s like watching the same programs that you can see on your computer or cell phone but bigger.”

    It was a joke. But pretty damn accurate and relevant.

    Why would I even bother to TIVO something like SNL when I can just look at Hulu for the top ranked clips to sort out what people will be talking about around the espresso machines at work (assuming I work in advertising).

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