“So our first concept is a kid eating dog crap.”



Those words, or some variation thereof, were spoken during the presentation to the Torbay City Council in England. The assignment was to get people to pick up their pet’s crap. Apparently in April nearly 400 complaints came in to the council and they decided something had to be done.

Fast forward a month when the new campaign went live and these posters popped up around town. By June, dog poop incidents were down to 185.

Councilor Dave Butt (I’m not kidding. That’s his real last name.) told BBC News: “The poster was rather unpleasant, but helped drive the message home very forcibly.” And by “unpleasant” I think he meant I just gagged up my shepherd’s pie, thankyouverymuch.

Man, what I would have given to be a fly on the wall in that creative presentation. I’m sure there’s a “shit hit the fan” joke in there somewhere…

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