This makes me want to drink milk… how?


Sorry, these milk ads from South Africa don’t make me want to drink milk. They just creep me out. A chicken that suddenly grows teeth? A naked turtle? A sea gull that, well, you can watch for yourselves. If I’m trying to get across benefits of a product, I’m not going to do it with a hen that looks like it just swallowed my grandfather’s dentures and a whale-killing bird.

The whole, overdone “This is supposed to be a real video and you can tell because it’s a shaky cam” treatment is also lame. And the payoffs at the end? “Dairy can help you lose weight”? Really? I was unaware that stuffing my face with blocks of cheddar was good for the old waistline.

I think this was one of those concepts that just wasn’t thought through all the way. It seemed like a funny idea, and then the next thing you know, the creatives are screening it to the client and thinking “Crap, where did we go wrong?”

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