Kurt Cobain is alive!


Not to be outdone by The Beatles edition of RockBand, Guitar Hero 5 has announced that you’ll soon be able to fake guitar jam as none other than the successfully suicidal king of grunge.

Why do I not see this ending well?

It’s one thing to use real footage of John Lennon and bring him back from the dead for 2 seconds in a commercial. It’s another thing to make a crappy polygon look-alike of Cobain for fat 15-year-olds to rock out to in a video game. Kurt is probably rolling over in his grave right now. Let’s just pray there’s not a huge ad campaign to support this. I have a feeling Nirvana fanatics might burn Activision to the ground.

One Response to “Kurt Cobain is alive!”

  1. Part of me feels somewhat uncomfortable with all these celebrities returning from the dead to sell products.

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