DDB Brazil, take note.



DDB Brazil, take note. If you really want to help the WWF and bring attention to its plight, maybe instead of creating fake ads that piss everyone off and ruin your career you should try something like the WWF did in Germany.

Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo (oh the irony) created 1,000 human-shaped ice sculptures and let them melt on the step of the public square at noon to highlight climate change.

Smart, beautiful, arresting and creative. All the things DDB Brazil is not. Amazing stuff.



2 Responses to “DDB Brazil, take note.”

  1. 1 Danny

    Was this really commissioned by the WWF either? The artist made this a year ago, now an agency does the same thing, but with a logo? Creative, yes, for the artist. But just makes ad people look opportunistic to me.

  2. 2 runmotherfuckerrun

    Thanks! I’m from Brazil and you have no idea how good is all this mess with One Show and DDB Brazil. Our market just work for prizes, maybe it’s the beggining of a new history in brazilian market.

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