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I usually don’t bother posting on a Friday afternoon – especially right before a long weekend. But this news calls for it. The One Show has just announced a plan to fight fake ads by banning both agencies and individuals involved. It’s a huge step forward for major award shows and shows a true dedication to recognizing real work and not the fraudulent stuff that’s been slipping in for years. And the coolest part about it all (at least from my perspective)? It was based on my proposal.

Effective beginning in 2010:

  • An agency or regional office of an agency network that enters an ad made for a nonexistent client, or made and run without a client’s approval, will be banned from entering the One Show for five years.
  • The entire team credited on the “fake” entry will be banned from entering the One Show for five years.
  • An agency or regional office of an agency network that enters an ad that has run once, on late-night TV, or only because the agency produced a single ad and paid to run it itself will be banned from entering the One Show for three years.

I first blogged about my idea for cleaning up award shows on Wednesday. The post was picked up by several other blogs and within 24 hours I was having a very constructive email dialog with David Baldwin, the founder of Baldwin& and the former Chairman of the One Club in NY. To his immense credit, he listened to my suggestions and promised to present them to the board. 24 hours later, the One Show had adopted the strongest deterrent for fake show ads anywhere and immediately boosted the prestige of the Gold Pencil.

I must admit, my original length for banning people and agencies was obviously too harsh. The One Club got it right with the 5-year ban. And I’m really excited they kept my third suggestion that helps stop the ridiculous method of running an ad once just to try and make it “real.”

Again, I can’t applaud the One Show enough for listening to the ad community, responding swiftly and decisively, and helping advertising awards regain a little luster. Now the challenge goes out to Cannes, D&AD, the Andys and all the other major award shows – step up like the One Show did and let’s get fake ads out of all the shows.

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  1. It’s a great move. What truly defines a creative team is its ability to convey a compelling, emotional campaign in concert with a client and all the mandatories, revisions, fear of pushing the edge, conditions and CEO directives, etc. etc… I read your post yesterday and agree. The WWF campaign made me ill for various reasons — I worked on the Port Authority (who owned the towers when they fell). My team handled all crisis communications for 9/11 and the tribute ads of all who died there. But your acknowledgement about the awards interested me. I wonder if they would have pushed the campaign as far if the client was more deeply involved. If it weren’t just an ad created for awards.

    Seems there is a need for unburdened creative awards shows, however. There is amazing work being done, landmark concepts that never see the light of day. An entire awards show devoted to this would be nice. But, maybe that’s just called an “art show.”

  2. 2 Eric

    Congratulations, Matt. Passion paying off.

  3. 3 Heath


  4. 4 RK

    Awesome. You should enter your anti-scam pr campaign into next years show. Pretty effective. Don’t forget RK in the credits!! 😉

  5. 5 RK

    Gretchen, ideas that never ran? That’s called lurzers archive.

  6. Awesome W&Ps strip Graham. 🙂

  7. 8 dognpony

    Graham, thanks for the call out. I’m with Dabitch – love the site.

  1. 1 Arson co-founder helps One Show fight fake ads.

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