More scam ridiculousness.



Two more scam-related incidences popped up today – both of which are equally ugly.

The first has to do with a JWT Singapore campaign for Coopers Premium Light Lager. One quick look and you can tell in a heartbeat that it’s misogynistic crap that’s as fake as fake can be. Of course that didn’t stop it from winning a Press Bronze at the 2008 Cannes Lions. Now the Internet being what it is, this of course got back to Coopers who are now saying… wait for it… they never saw or approved the ad. (Shocker! I know.) So Cannes, here’s your test. Your award show is quickly – and I mean quickly – turning into nothing but a high-priced student portfolio night. So what are you going to do about it? The silence is deafening…

The second bit of scam outrage comes from the Spikes Asia Festival, where if recent history is any indication, possibly 100% of the winning ads will be fake. The king of manufactured controversy, Neil French was quoted on scam ads as saying “I don’t mind kids trying hard and cheating and lying to get to the top.” Of course you don’t Neil – after all, if the stories are true, that’s how you got there.

I wonder if the Asian advertising community realizes they’re now a joke in ad world. There’s not a single ad that comes out of that region that anyone will consider real. And frankly, they’re proving that they can’t possibly win any awards for whatever real work they actually do.

Don’t worry Asian creatives, unless Cannes does an about face and adopts strict anti-scam rules, you’ll always be able to win a Gold Lion.

UPDATE: I’ve asked Andrew McKechnie for comment on this campaign. We’ll see if he responds.

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  1. 1 Just some guy

    Most of those regions are jokes, unfortunately. I have met some genuinely nice, genuinely talented people from there but who have built books out of scam. It’s unfortunate how misguided they are. They can only stay in their same circle of people who cheat and reward cheaters. That circle closes fast and then you’re left out.

    I work at a pretty great agency. One of the best in the US. One some would kill to get into. But scam is not the way.

    I’m a creative director there. Spec is one thing. But when a book comes in that’s filled with scam (with the awards listed no less), I put it in the ‘no’ pile. We can’t take chances. We need people who can do the great work the real, difficult assignments.

    As for Cannes, it’s becoming a joke now because of this. A sunny networking event. A reason to spend the client’s dime. The One Show, D&AD, The Kelly’s, and the Effies are the only shows that matter, if any at all.

  2. 2 Grrr

    Well at least these horrendous beer ads worked out for one guy.

    You might want to send your congratulations to Andrew McKechnie, their creator.. who got a job at Modernista Boston on the basis of a whole book of ads like these. One wonders how he is faring when it comes to cracking real briefs in the USA. Im sure he keeps a low profile there.

  3. 3 Jon

    Anything from Singapore is Scam. Specifically, Saatchi&Saatchi…Ogilvy…BBDO.
    Lazy morons! And Neil French is the father of this nonsense. Incredible!

  4. 4 Cherry Pie

    Funny how the Campaign Brief Asia blog ( pretends like none of this is happening.

    Also, the person who drives JWTs awards efforts in Asia is their regional ECD Tay Guan Hin, also a judge and sometimes jury chairman on many award shows. How can someone who lets scam go on unchecked in his own house be expected to police it on a judging panel?


  5. 5 Queefer Sutherland

    News has it that Martin Sorrel threw a hissy fit at Bernie Ecclestone of Formula One fame recently. As a non-executive member of the board at private equity firm CVC – the company that has a stake in F1 – little Martin said of Bernie:

    “”First we had Hitler did good, now we have cheating is acceptable.
    “Where will it end? His latest comments are yet another example, I’m afraid, of Bernie being totally out of touch with reality.”

    Well, blow me down and feed me a fuckin Snickers bar!

    What does he call it when his own agencies, especially in Asia, lie and cheat and do fake ads just for award shows? I guess it’s ok then but when someone else cheats he suddenly grows a conscience.

    I’d email the little man about this but I don’t have his details.

    Read the whole article here:

  6. 6 Dan


    The ECD who presided over the Coopers fiasco has….. uhhhhhm….resigned.

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