DoubleTwist does it again.


You remember DoubleTwist – they’re the company that first pissed Apple off by creating software that allows you to use your iTunes music on any device. (A big Apple no-no.) Then they tweaked them even further by buying ad space for the product on the side of the Apple Store in San Francisco. Apple had that pulled down not once, but twice. Well, DoubleTwist is flipping the big double bird to Steve Jobs in their newest commercial.

It’s nearly a scene-for-scene remake of Apple’s legendary 1984 commercial – except with Steve as the totalitarian talking head and iPod wearing drones being blasted by his every word.

Of course we know Apple is going to sue the crap out of them for doing this. But the trade off for DoubleTwist is going to be millions in free publicity. It’s a really smart, attention-grabbing move for a company that, frankly, you probably had never heard of before now – and probably wouldn’t have with their small ad budget. Apple is playing right into their hands and DoubleTwist will of course pull the ads before they get slapped with any monetary damages.


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