Um… You approved it.


If you haven’t heard about the Mr. Sub controversy yet, basically what happened it this: Mr. Sub ran the above commercial. People got pissed. So Mr. Sub did the only logical thing – threw their agency, Bos, under the bus. (/sarcasm).

In a letter to an upset patron, Mr. Sub said it “decided to end its relationship with BOS, as clearly this campaign has not met the objective of positively engaging with our customers.” Because, you know, it’s not like anyone at Mr. Sub ever approved the ad or anything.

Bos then responded in kind – and Adland got it perfect by blogging, “Bos fired back, saying “it is most unfortunate that Mr. Sub has chosen to terminate our relationship over the complaints for an ad which they approved” which is ad-speak for “where are your balls now?”

Mr. Sub, I hope you enjoy being agency-less forever. Because who in their right mind would ever work with a client that blames/fires its agency for something it was at least as culpable for?


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