A yoga studio wins the grand prix?


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First, the facts: An ad by a large Asian ad agency (Leo Burnett HK) for a tiny yoga studio wins the Grand Prix at the Hong Kong 4A’s Kam Fan Awards.

Hmmm… you think there’s something fishy here? Scam ad? Created by the agency just to win awards? I’m thinking yes.

I’ve accepted the fact that Asia isn’t really interested in changing its ways when it comes to scam ads. But why an Asian award would be worth more than toilet paper at any agency outside of Asia is beyond me. Personally, I’d consider any book I saw from an Asian creative as nothing more than a student book.

4 Responses to “A yoga studio wins the grand prix?”

  1. 2 dognpony

    It cracks me up watching them try and split hairs. “Well, it wasn’t another ad we copies, so it’s fine.”

    Uh, no it’s not. How morally bankrupt do you need to be not to realize that?

  2. 3 Dan

    Seems LB HK called the original photographer after the shitstorm errupted and also looks like they tried to bribe him with promises of future work..so he says it’s ok…and that he borrowed his style from a photographer called Giles Revell. Jokers.

    Someone obviously had the CD of the album that featured the original artwork and just thought hey this would be good for sweating fat…did it up…found a hot yoga client…told them its for free…got them to sign an approval letter, ran it once…and bingo! Thats how you win awards in Asia.

    I hope One Show and D&AD will give this ad its just desserts. Fuck Cannes, they’ll probably give it a Titanium.

  3. 4 Jason

    SCMp just reported today that the HK government will FUND LB to GO TO CANNES, and other int’l awards – ‘TO SHOWCASE HK TALLENT’?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? No nonononononono…..

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