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Happy New Year.


Ok, let’s just forget 2009 ever happened and move on, shall we? Have a great New Year’s and I’ll see you all in 2010. Go Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl!

It’s been a crazy, crazy year for most of us. And when I started this little blog in early February, I had no idea it’d grow the way it has. I certainly couldn’t pick a favorite post in 2009, but these were the five most popular. #5) It was a short post, but that didn’t […]

Real Housewives “star” (I use that term loosely) and PETA fan Bethany Frankel (obviously pictured right) recently posed for some big billboard in NYC as part of their ongoing “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” campaign. Of course someone asked her if she’d been air brushed, she said no, a bunch of people freaked […]

Yes, I’m a little late with this. But here’s a long list of classic Christmas print ads throughout the years. There’s some really great stuff in here.

It won all the awards. And rightfully so – it was a great idea. Queensland, Australia held a worldwide contest for someone to get a fat salary to live on a beautiful island and blog about how great Queensland was. Guess it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Ben Southall, the British winner […]

They’ve done something similar before with their promotion for Coraline, but when W+K starts hand making packages like this for the new EA Dante’s Inferno game, you’ve got to sit up and take notice. Influential gaming bloggers received the beautiful creations that are based on the 7 deadly sins and the rings of hell – […]

No, I don’t really believe we should kill off social media. But apparently there are people who spend so much time on Facebook, they can’t function in real life. So they do what any semi-sane virtual socialite would do – have a service delete all their social networking profiles. The unfortunately named Web 2.0 Suicide […]