Winners of the Tracy Awards.


You remember the Tracy Awards – the awards created by Crowell Advertising in Salt Lake City honoring the crappiest ads of the year? Well folks, we have our winners.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the lame-ass Snickers “Snacklish” campaign (which I personally nominated for a Tracy Award) won. That insultingly bad crapvertising was aptly crowned by the Tracy Awards:

“This is an embarrassment. Victoreat? Feedfence? Patrick Chewing? We get it: you combined two old words to make one wacky new word. And you did it with all the linguistic finesse of an over-medicated tween. Clever is only good if it’s relevant. And clever. You, Sir Snacksalot, are neither. See? Any idiot can write for Snickers.”

Awesome. I am however rather disappointed this didn’t win anything.

One Response to “Winners of the Tracy Awards.”

  1. 1 Jessica Newell

    Just one more example of people tearing down others work to make themselves feel better, or to perhaps justify their own mediocrity.

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