Tiger’s going extinct? Not really.


Well that didn’t take long.

Consulting firm Accenture decided on Sunday that their spokesperson, Tiger Woods, no longer matched their company values of integrity and high performance. “After careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising,” Accenture said in a statement.

Wait, you mean Accenture was full of integrity when they incorporated in Bermuda to avoid U.S. taxes? And I guess they consider losing sensitive data on more than half a million Ohioans, “high performance.”

Anyway, Accenture knew the risks they were taking by putting all their eggs in one basket. Pro athletes are pro athletes – no matter who they are, they’re ripe for scandal. Now Accenture is scrambling to take down the Tiger-themed ads and get something else up in it’s place.

Something tells me the creatives are loving it though – they’re no longer constrained by having to use stock photos of Tiger Woods in every damn ad.

2 Responses to “Tiger’s going extinct? Not really.”

  1. I found a Tiger Woods Accenture ad and it’s him in about 4 feet of brush with some BS slogan “Sometimes the path to success isn’t always paved.”, suffice to say I framed it. After all how fitting is it that he is knee deep in muff?

  1. 1 ‘Geen goeie reclameman voor ons.’ Ook Accenture breekt met Tiger Woods | Reclamewereld

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